Making things is a passion. The creative proses of creating things is what sets us apart from other animals. In this section you can read all about my projects, which range from drawing to gadgets and armour making.


Making Jar Jar Binks Costume Part Two


Jar Jar Bings is the most hated and despised character in StarWars. He steps in every poo, and smells every fart, but thats whywe love him so. And therefore i had to make this costume (c: If youhave m...   read more »


Making Jar Jar Binks Costume Part One


I always thought that Jar Jar Bings looked a bit like a duck,besides that he was not the most popular character from Star Warsthats for sure, but you gotta love him for getting in to othersway. As cra...   read more »


Making of World War One Bayonet replica Part Two Demolding and Finishing


Greve Museum haired me tomake croud safe bayonet for their world war one rifles. We havestrict gun laws and restrictions, so it was vital that they lookedthe part but where harmless to the visitors.I...   read more »


Jigsaw hacked in to bench saw


In my frustration of that i could not cut straight cuts with myjigsaw i needed a good alternative. Some thing where i couldcontrol the blade better. I was thinking of making a Scroll saw,but then i go...   read more »


Drawing in freehand GeekCore Pumpkinman


I've made this Pumpkinman for a drawing competetion at GeekCorewhich is a Copenhagen based convention. It is drawn only by aball pen. The whole drawing took about three hours todraw.I started outh wit...   read more »


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