About me

So who am I, that is a very philosophical question and often difficult to answer. I am certain that we all ask ourself this question from time to another. So to make this a bit more simple i'll sketch up some headlines.

Place of residence
I live in Denmark one of the oldest kingdoms in the world. In fact Our Queens bloodline goes mere then a thousand years back. It is a small but wonderful place, u have probably heard about it from Shakespeare (c:

I have a Masters Degree in Computer science from DTU, and have allways been passionate about science in general. Check out my Resume

How do i perceive myself?
I am a web developer by day and creative tornado by night.

How do my friends think of me?
All of the above and some perceive me as nerdy in a positive way.

Why did I make this website?
There are to reasons, the first is that I alwayse wanted a webpage of my own and share my knowledge with the world and my friends. Two yeas ago I've started a developer blog that was mainly about my programming adventures, but i wanted more. The second is to show of my skills as web-besigner and developer a mix as I have learned is wery rare. So this site is a mix of my creative drive and programming skils.

Why in English, Danish a perficly good language.
All thou I hope that my English spelling and grammar is not to liberal, this is the language of the world wide web, there's no way around it.

After Thoughts
There are some things that need an outlet, personally i think that this is the best way for me to share my expirience and knowladge, as Sir Isaac Newton sad "I am Standing on the Shoulder of Giants". Knowladge of past generations.


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