The site is finaly online, Enjoy (c:


I've been working on bits and bolts of this webpage for a good moth now and the time is finely here to release it in to the wild world web.

This webpage futures many interesting technical aspects like the custom RSS feeds and a from scratch build article system, but most of all it gathers the knowhow and experience that i have in to a compact nucleus.
At the core of this webpage you will find Umbraco CMS runing on a MySQL database. On top of that I've designed a custom look and feel for my webpage and implemented Front-end and its Back-end futures.

On these platform I'll be adding new articles about my many project from the past and the future, with helpful tips on how i do things. So start by visiting my newly published articles.

Well thats all for now, tell me what you think so far. Pease use the contact section in the footer or the contact form in the Contact section


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