Rollespilleren 07


Rollespilleren is a Danish Role playing magazine made by "Landsforeningen for Levende Rollespil" or National Association for Live Roleplaying.

This was the second time i was chosen to make illustrations for Rollespilleren. There was something about my drawing style that could not resist (c:.
I was going for this woodcarving style that is werry well suited for printed black and white material. So i can tell you that this was a start of a very beautiful friendship.

This time i was asked to make a couple of small short story sketches depicting several Live Role Play Zombie related scenarios. After I've read the article written by Jesper Brun I new exactly where to start. Using the same mouse drawing Technic that I've developed for my illustrations for Rollespilleren 06 magazine i painted 5 small stories.


Not all pictures made it in to the magazine, like the one where zombies are tearing some one apart, but still it's one awesome article.


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