I've drawing sins i can remember, it is one of my favorite past times (c: takes my thoughts away from all the programming that i do.

Many have stopped drawing when thay were about 10 to pursue other matters like gaming, cars, football but i kept on going, learning, developing and that is my goll still to push my self further.

I believe that drawing the the foundation of many creative endeavors, like costuming, 3d modeling and web design, all of the things that i master in great depth.

In thi section i will post some of my many drawings and how i made thouse.


Drawing in freehand GeekCore Pumpkinman


I've made this Pumpkinman for a drawing competetion at GeekCorewhich is a Copenhagen based convention. It is drawn only by aball pen. The whole drawing took about three hours todraw.I started outh wit...   read more »


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