Jigsaw hacked in to bench saw


In my frustration of that i could not cut straight cuts with my jigsaw i needed a good alternative. Some thing where i could control the blade better. I was thinking of making a Scroll saw, but then i got a better idea (c:

Mounting my jigsaw on a workbench.The idea was to make better cuts by controlling the material instead of the saw.


So after a couple of drawings i settled on a design. With feat for clamping to the table and the jigsaw safely mounted inside the bench.


The first order of the day was to disassemble my jigsaw, removing the metal mounting bracket


Drilling holes for mounting on the wooden workbench.


For the workbench i used 12x2cm recycled wooden boards. I had some lying around so i put them to good use.


After the initial assembly i could clearly see that the frame was not sturdy enough, so i've screwed two wooden block to strengthen ad square the workbench frame.


Now when the frame was done it was time for final assembly. I've drilled two holes for the metal jigsaw screw mounts and a slit for the blade.


And here is the finished product, i've tried to make 5mm plywood board strips width no problem at all. I can now saw wooden planks up to 4 cm in height


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