Making of Speed painting Aarr Scavy Dog for Trsac 09


About two hours before the deadline for Newschool graphics combo i decided to risk it all and test my luck with a little chalange. I wanted to draw a picture using a the same Technic I used to draw the Obama fly picture, but this time as a speed painting.

I was in a mood for doing something scary,.. i decided to paint a pirate,. a bukanere ,.. so i grabbed my trusty wacom styles and started drawing vigurasly. My plan was simple ,.. black an white first,.. coloring rendering final details with overlay color.

After I got the proportions in place i added most of the details with some of the light shading that i wanted, and the time was running fast,.. At this stage i decided to start applying color.


From the experience i know that the coloring proses is timeconsuming and tedious. I needed a color theme and fast,.. i decided on making it a redcoat(englishman) pirate. I was geting new ideas as i was colloring.


Yellowish color for the dried up skin and bones, hair, flintlock pistols and a ghostly background everything had to be detailed and colored.


finely with 8-7 min to spare i added the last touches,. evil glowing burning eyes, and a little bit cleanup. And it was finished.


The eyes scare me the most. (c:


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