Building an Animatronic Claw


I love all things mechanical, I am always thrilled by the skill of Hollywood prop makers. As I am always trying to progress my own skills there's is nothing like a good excuse to take on a challenge.

I wanted to use this claws for a Danish LARP event called City of Cites, which takes it's inspiration from the post apocalypticspan gere.


I wanted the claw haveing not only movement in the fingers but in the wrist as well
this resulted in this wired contraption.


The outerskin og the claw is made from peaces of an old hardshell suitcase, that i picked up at a fleemarked. You can just make out where the wheel was (c;

The paintjob was done mostly by ratlecans, including some finishing touches by metalic paint and drybrushing.


Thanks for reading!


Happy Propmaking


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