Making Jar Jar Binks Costume Part Two


Jar Jar Bings is the most hated and despised character in Star Wars. He steps in every poo, and smells every fart, but thats why we love him so. And therefore i had to make this costume (c: If you have missed the first part of this project check it out here

No more chit chat, back to the business at hand, building a costume of this magnificent Jar Jar specimen.

The head was commming along nicely, i've removed the duct tape and defined the main muscle groups, the next big task would be to make his big ears and skin the head with stretchy fabric


I've used my scissors to nibble away at the foam, giving it the finger like pattern of Jar Jar's ears. The foam was glued together with hot glue, directly to the helmet.

I was quiet pleased with how the head turned out, although in retrospect i could add more detail with a rotary tool like dremmel. Well live and learn (c:
The next big challenge was to skinn the entire head with stretchy fabric. The idea was to hot glue a peace at a time, stretching the fabric as i went


All of the excess fabric went in to the making of the Yar Yars neck.

As i don't have an airbrush, so in stead i've used red yellow and white rattle cans, for coloring the white fabric. The dark areas where drybrushed on with paint from a black rattle can. When spraying with rattle cans remember to protect your self from the fumes, you don't want your costumes to kill you, do you (c;


stay tooned for more, next time it is stilts and feet (c:


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